A family of Companies

Appleton International and Circle Clean  provide a wide range of Services to meet the industry's needs and high standards . We will Cover and Protect Your vessel, We will Clean your interior air supply and extraction ducting to ensure the best possible indoor air quality, We will Insulate your vessel to ensure your vessel remains dry,quiet and thermally stable . We’re proud to be one of the best-known names in the industry. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from our Services.

Proudly based in the SAVANNAH YACHT CENTER USA


Our Companies



Appleton International has served the marine industry for over 10 years, specializing in fire,sound and thermal insulation. Appleton Intl has been a part of the largest refits and rebuilds in fl and has always provided our clients with a seamless process through to a finished product that stands up to this amazing industries standards.


Circle Clean Marine

Circle Clean Marine was acquired in 2018, with the companies already outstanding reputation joining forces with Appleton was a very exciting move. Circle Clean provides our clients with full mold inspection and remediation's, Air-conditioning and duct cleaning, Galley and Drier duct cleaning. Vessel sanitation, odor elimination and water/flood restoration.


301 N Lathrop Ave, Savannah, GA 31415, USA