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Galley Duct Cleaning

Fire needs Fuel to burn and what better fuel than Oil, Day and night the cook top runs and with that the cook top extractor is sucking out all the oily air. This oil settles on your duct walls and becomes over time a major fire hazard if not cleaned on an annually basis. We have the best machinery money can buy in the industry and the best crew to run it.


Dryer Duct and Air Duct Cleaning

There are a number of ways to limit the amount of lint that gets to your ducts however it is inevitable that your dryer ducts will get built up with lint. This not only decreases your dryers efficiency but increases your risk of a fire. Our super powered 4 motored vacuum and our 30lf rotating brush will clean these ducts like new.

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Mold Remediation and Sanitizing

We are trained and certified in mold inspections, mold prevention and mold remediation. We will identify and eradicate your mold and work with you to ensure the environment attracting and harboring the mold is rectified to ensure it does not return. Sanitizing and cleaning your fan-coils and air handlers on a regular basis is fundamental in supporting a healthy environment.

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